FloripaSat-1 is in space! First signals already detected

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The launch of CBERS-04A and FloripaSat-1 was a success and FloripaSat-1 succeeded in opening its antennas in Space!

From this moment on its signal can be picked up by anyone anywhere on the planet when the satellite passes by. If you wish to know how to get in contact with FloripaSat-1 check out the Ham Radio info page.

We will soon release a step-by-step guide for those with little amateur radio experience on how to receive some telemetry.

We didn’t have the live broadcast of the release, but you can check now this video on on Youtube when FloripaSat-1 took off into space with CBERS-04A:

Some people have already got the signal!

See below the Beacon signal captured by DK3WN:

The main radio signal captured by JA0CAW.

EPS telemetry decoding done by DK3WN and KC4MCQ:

Congratulations everyone and we look forward to much more feedback from the amateur radio community!

@ 2021 SpaceLab UFSC – Space Technology Research Laboratory, Federal University of Santa Catarina